The Happy Baby Community Hub

Lifelines International are funding this unique project, designed to empowering a substantial community of vulnerable migrant women and their young children in West London.

The Home Office have commissioned significant numbers of hotels and hostels around Heathrow and in the Hounslow and Hillingdon area, to house asylum seekers. Appropriate local services are stretched or absent for this group and this project offers a vital lifeline for these vulnerable women and children.

This project  supports and facilitates a community in Acton to development individual resilience, through providing opportunities and access to build and develop skills, have work-experience and embrace the capacity to support others.

The Acton Community Hub, is lead and run by women who have lived experienced of fleeing traffickers, war and violence. With the support if this fund they are trained to listen and work in a community setting to support this cohort.

Around 200 women and their children attend the group each month, around 15% are pregnant and all have children under 3. The community’s childrens program is a vital platform enabling these isolated mums, to have the opportunity to support the development of their young children to be curious and reach the appropriate development milestones.

The project also provides:

  • One to one perinatal support
  • One to one Welfare and therapeutic support
  • A big healthy lunch
  • Practical support with clothes, toys and childrens books
  • English lessons
  • Pregnancy yoga


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Funding To Date

Impact of Lifelines' Support

In the first quarter of 2023 there were 582 attendances at 13 sessions. 18 pregnant mums have been supported, 22 volunteers have been recruited to support the community and 12 Community Ambassadors have been trained and are running the Outreach program.


The Outreach program is essential to ensuring that the project is trusted and known to new arrivals who have a baby.