Creating lasting transformation and empowerment

Creating lasting transformation and empowerment

We’re developing a sustainable model for global transformative change and upliftment, extending a lifeline to passionate enablers of change, who are empowering and inspiring the lifelines of tomorrow.


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Our Vision

We dream of a world where all women and children are equipped with the education, self belief  and local support systems, to achieve their full potential.

We aim to transform a billion lives, empowering them, so that, in turn, they can be beacons of change and uplift others in their communities out of disadvantage, helplessness, injustice or inequality – thus creating a chain of lifelines.

We believe that when each person steps fully into their power, they can serve as the lifeline they were born to be: a role model and a source of light and empowerment to others.

Our Mission

We seek to create a passion-driven network of charities that are aligned with our vision, and who work with us as active partners in delivering transformation, not just as mere program beneficiaries.

We invest in the work of carefully vetted charities and NGOs that have a track record of delivering empowerment and transformation. By doing so, they can scale their efforts and deliver maximum empowerment for the maximum number of people for the maximum time.

Developing a sustainable model for global transformative change

We offer our partners strategic guidance and the opportunity to become part of a wider network of NGOs, transferring knowledge and expertise.

We work untiringly with the collective power of our partners, so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – delivering exponential change.

Our Values

Our values guide and inform every aspect of how we operate.


We respond swiftly to emerging situations and causes in the world and work where we perceive the greatest need.


We partner with those whose work touches our hearts and makes us reconsider our view of the world.  In turn, we empower the work of these charities, elevating their vision; offering them strategic guidance and the opportunity to become part of a wider network.

Tolerance & Diversity

Our internal policies and spheres of influence are not restricted by race, religion, caste, gender or sexual orientation.


We remain accountable to our donors and expect those that we partner with to demonstrate accountability and, where possible, to demonstrate or quantify impact.


We strive to engender and support culturally sensitive solutions to the problems that we seek to address.

Our ESG Policy

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are crucial to our modus operandi.  Our ESG policy is focussed on four pillars.