Align Your Business
With Our Vision Of
Lasting Transformation

By working with us, your business will be helping to empower and uplift some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities.  We offer mutually beneficial partnerships that amplify your corporate values, delivering positive impact and long-term transformation.

Become A Corporate Partner

Collaboration is central to our way of working and we have formed many impactful partnerships with businesses and other corporate organisations whose values and vision align with ours. There are a variety of ways in which you can partner with us (see below).

Direct Support: Volunteering

Depending on your vision and ethos, we can introduce you to specific charity partners and facilitate conversations about how your staff can donate their time and skills strategically, either operationally or at a grassroots level (subject to DBS checks and safeguarding procedures).

Please note that we do not have a formal volunteering programme, and that all volunteering arrangements are exclusively agreed between the corporate and charity partners.

Facilitating Social Research

If your organisation is undertaking research in a particular area of education, development, social mobility or mental health, we can connect you with relevant charity partners. This is subject to proof of ethics standards and review, and appropriate safeguarding procedures. Your research findings will assist Lifelines International in addressing current demand, identifying emerging areas of need, and help to guide future development.

Other Non-Monetary Support

Many of our charity partners welcome corporate support in non-monetary ways. As well as volunteering, donations of items such as books, learning aids, computers, software and unused office space or meeting rooms are needed across different organisations. If you can help, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss areas of need and where you can help most.

Lastly, we welcome media advocacy, raising awareness of our charity partners and their projects on your company social media channels and in magazines, journals and other publications.