Enabling Purpose Driven Charities To Grow

Enabling Purpose Driven Charities To Grow

We finance and help scale the efforts of charities that are fighting social injustice by uplifting and empowering disadvantaged individuals in their local communities.

Our Strategy

Most of the charities that we work with support people who – for a variety of reasons – are under-served, overlooked and marginalised. Lifelines International supports organisations with a track record of uplifting and empowering. We help them to become more effective, scale their outreach, and work with other charities to magnify their impact.

Real change takes time and requires long-term solutions, so we give our charity partners financial support and access to resources and networking opportunities, with the aim of guiding them towards being financially self-sustaining.

Our Approach

Our driving passion is for helping those who help the socially-disadvantaged, educating and empowering them to realise their full potential and become beacons of transformation in the communities in which they live.

The charities we work with share a vision of providing skills, education and empowerment, so that the people they support can become self-sufficient enablers of change in their own communities


Long Term Partners

The charities we work with share our vision of self-sustaining empowerment, education and transformation. Their strong sense of personal investment, ownership, purpose and social responsibility is what distinguishes them and inspires us to partner with them.

Holistic Support

As well as access to funding, we provide constructive feedback throughout the funding period, based on the reports we receive from our charity partners and visits from the Lifelines International team. This includes aspects ranging from organisational planning and governance to service evaluation and volunteer development.

Accountability & Due Diligence

We have clear application and reporting guidelines to ensure that both we and our charity partners remain transparent and accountable. Every organisation is cross-checked with the Charity Commission, even if they have worked with us before. Before funding is awarded, key outcomes are agreed. In addition, an ongoing dialogue is continued throughout the funding period through emails, phone calls and in-person visits from the Lifelines International team.

A Focus On Transformation

We focus our time and resources on projects where we see the potential to uplift people from the most disadvantaged communities and stratums of society, transform their lives, and empower them to become beacons of change – thus creating a chain of lifelines.

What Makes Us Different?


We have the courage to believe that transformation is possible even in the most desperate of circumstances, and to challenge the hierarchies, systems, policies and practices that limit human potential.


We seek to disrupt the ‘development paradigm’ by fostering collaborative working and a ‘scale-up’ mindset with our charity partners.


We are relentless in our drive for change and transformation, seeking creative ways to empower and support our charity partners.

Total Commitment

We maintain ongoing conversations with every organisation that we support.  From telephone ‘check-ins’ to having members of our team personally visit each project, we are fully invested in ensuring that our charity partners achieve their desired impact and outcomes.

360 Degrees Learning

We work with our charity partners to mutually evaluate and learn. We use this to inform and improve our strategy and funding decisions, as well as sharing insights across our networks.

Long Term Relationships

We empower each other to take ownership and to make positive contributions. We challenge the status quo and believe there is always room for improvement.