Sponsoring Education In Fields Which Support Victims of Domestic Abuse

We created a bursary fund, available to children, relatives, and dependants of our employees, to be used towards post-secondary studies in fields which support victims of domestic abuse, such as counselling, social work, police, education and health care. We planned to award £5000 in bursaries per year for the next three years, totalling £15,000.

Lifelines has generously provided match funding of £5,000 per year for three years, to increase the number of education bursaries which we can offer and the impact of this programme and scale up the results.

Applicants are able to apply for a bursary to a maximum value of £1,000 per year by writing a funding application setting out the course of study, how that study will support victims of domestic abuse and what the bursary will be used to fund.

A panel will review applications within each round of applications to decide whether the criteria is met and what level of funding will be awarded.

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Impact of Lifelines' Support

Research from a Mental Health Foundation study in 2016 suggests that asylum seekers and refugees are five times more likely to experience mental health issues than the general population but are less likely to receive mental health support. This translates to increased isolation, depression, anxiety and loneliness, which in turn can create a greater risk of domestic abuse.

By providing greater access to training which will help support people who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse, as well as activities which address factors contributing to abuse, the funding will reduce the likelihood of domestic abuse and provide greater support to individuals in environments where domestic abuse occurs.

To date, Lifelines has provided valuable funding supporting a wide range of training, including education in play therapy, safeguarding, advanced coaching and leading teaching.