Funding & Strategic Support, Providing Victims Of Trauma With Culturally Sensitive Mental Health Interventions

Lifelines International has enabled Phola to increase its reach within vulnerable communities using our culturally sensitive mental health methodologies to bring healing to women, children and families affected by trauma. Lifelines Int has enabled us to strengthen the development and dissemination of Phola’s methodologies. This has also helped to increase the visibility of the organisation world-wide.

Lifelines International provided Phola with a lifeline in the literal sense. It provided seed funding for the organisation to operate in South Africa and reach vulnerable people in low-income communities including women and children with mental health services.

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Impact of Lifelines' Support

Lifelines has funded key positions at Phola including the human resources costs for the Executive Director, the Deputy Director, the finance team, and other support staff who provide the much-needed technical skills to grow and sustain the operations of the organisation.

The recent hiring of a Deputy Director will contribute to an increase in organisational capacity and the sustainability of the work reducing dependency on the founder and the Executive Director.

Since the commencement of the partnership with Phola, Lifelines has supported Phola to reach over 15 000 vulnerable people directly including women who have experienced domestic violence, children who live in impoverished communities, men who use violence and families in crisis.

Lifelines has enabled Phola to expand its global reach through training and dissemination of our culturally sensitive methodologies. This growth and visibility have been further amplified by revamping our website and establishing a strong online presence. This has also enhanced information dissemination on a national and international level.

The efforts to establish the Phola Sisebenzi program which seeks to advance employee wellness through partnerships with corporates and private sector has potential to contribute to bringing added revenue for organisational sustainability. It is hoped that this will bring about additional income that could fund some of the day to day running costs the organisation.

Phola has also initiated the development of training modules and materials for the use of the TOL methodology in schools, universities, professional training and corporate organisations.