Global Inclusive Education Project & Early Intervention Uganda

For over 20 years Sense International has been working in partnership with local organisations across eight countries (Bangladesh, Kenya, India, Nepal, Peru, Romania, Tanzania and Uganda) to provide expert support and services to people with deafblindness.

The Global Inclusive Education project brings together the potential of technology, with our on the ground understanding of the diverse challenges that face children and young people with deaf blindness. There are not enough people trained to work with children and young people with deaf blindness. The Global Inclusive Education project addresses this challenge through establishing on-line and physical training hubs.

The Early Intervention Project in Uganda works towards improving health and development outcomes for children with deafblindness/MSI through sensory screening and access to early intervention services in 4 districts of southwestern Uganda (Masaka, Lwengo, Bukomansimbi and Kalungu).

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Impact of Lifelines' Support

Thanks to the generous support from the Nelumbo Foundation over the last three years, we have been able to tackle some of the challenges around education for children with deafblindness. The Global Deafblindness Resource Centre is available as a live site, including resources in English and Spanish. Our teams in Uganda and Kenya have also developed their own online Resource Centres. Peru, Romania and India have established different e-learning platforms to train and share resources with parents, teachers, government officials and other stakeholders.

Sense International Uganda has screened almost 15,000 children for deafblindness/Multi-Sensory Impairments so far. We have identified 94 children who have deafblindness/MSI, all of which have been enrolled onto early intervention therapy. There have been considerable improvements in the health and development of the children who have been identified, some of them have even transitioned into primary school.