Empowerment For Female Survivors Of Domestic Abuse

To provide an empowerment programme for female survivors of domestic abuse; personal counselling and training/volunteering opportunities to develop confidence and have skills to take to the job market.

The project was to launch a bakery/café onsite at our premises to provide a safe space for people to hone their skills and rebuild self esteem lost during an abusive relationship.

The relationship with Lifelines enabled us to develop a model of really worthwhile work which provided our clients further opportunity and progression towards a self directed life.  I felt we were encouraged and supported through the whole process.


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Impact of Lifelines' Support

19 women undertook the Monica programme alongside personal counselling from March to now.

The impact of this part of the project was :

  • 95% have reported an increase in empowerment and self esteem upon completing the course. 65% rise in feelings of safety,
  • 60% of clients reporting improved health and wellbeing and
  • 55% strengthened their support network.
  • Overall psychological distress scores of clients fell by 76.5% with 64% saying they felt more able to cope when things go wrong and 40% reporting a reduction in anxiety.
  • 12 people volunteered in the new bakery and reported feeling more a part of their community and more able to cope, as well as feeling confident in having some skills to take to employment.
  • 8 people signed up for CV writing skills training an Kitchen Hygiene certification.

‘’Coming to the group on Thursday is the highlight of my week, it’s one of the only places where I feel safe, supported and where people truly understand.

The group has given me the education and empowerment that I needed to take back my life and feel confident again.’’