Nirvana School Pondicherry

Nirvana School provides high quality education for under privileged children in Tamil Nadu. It currently enables nursery, primary and high school education for more than 500 students, aged 3-15 years.

Nirvana Trust was launched by Mrs. Vinodini Samani in 1994 after the sudden death of her husband Mr. Pravin Samani. Starting with lessons in their home, Mrs Samani has led Nirvana school to a well-established highly regarded organization which has given thousands of under-privileged children a high standard of education. Mrs Samani is the backbone of Nirvana School, personally managing daily work, projects, visiting donors, networking, bringing new approaches to better education… She runs the school on a purely voluntary basis, and does not take a salary or any other payment for her efforts. She is a great inspiration to Nirvana Trust, their staff and the students.

Lifelines has supported Nirvana School for over 8 years, and has led youth volunteering visits to the school during this period.

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