CORD works to alleviate COVID misery

By admin_lifeline

Lifelines has supported the rural upliftment and women’s empowerment projects at CORD for over 10 years , with an annual commitment now at $50,000 per annum – much of it to support the work of the CORD Training Centre. Educate – Empower- Transform . The pandemic has severely affected this community , but our work has shifted up a gear.

The CORD centre has pro-actively tackled the emerging challenges of the pandemic. Providing training on use of technology to communicate, increasing training on hygiene, healthcare and preventive measures to the community.

Volunteers and staff are now trained to use conferencing to provide legal aid to victims, supporting the self-help groups ( SHG’s) with their financial records and reports , conducting virtual counselling and disability therapy sessions.  In the longer term this will increase their capacity to support many more communities and clients, without the limitation of physical travel.

The SHGs have taken advantage of over $200k worth of loans provided by banks ( as lobbied for by the Mahila Mandals , supported by CORD training) to encourage women entrepreneurs. CORD masks, CORD sanitary supplies and disinfectants are all being produced locally for consumption and sale.

Economically self sufficient, trained, confident  and supported – the CORD women are at the forefront of the Pandemic ‘resistance’!