Mira’s Story

Let me tell you a story about a girl called Mira. Mira is now 8 years old and goes to school in her village. When you meet her, she will smile shyly and say ‘hello – how are you’ in broken English, but with a quiet pride. Just 2 years ago, she cowered in fright if anyone approached her. She was thin, frail and gaunt.

She scuttled around quietly helping her mother look after her siblings, and shielding them when her drunken father was in a rampage. All she knew was fear, pain, hunger and sorrow. She thought that was how it must be for everybody. That was her Life.

Then her mother received a little gift – a visit from a relative in a neighboring village who told her about CORD and the support programmes for women like her and her family. Now her mother is self-sufficient, a member of the women’s committees, a part time trainer and a happy mother.

Mira and her siblings go to school. This is now her Life. One gift – transformed four lives. All this within one year. Within two years, Mira’s mother was actively engaged in community work, and had invited her mother, her sister, her sister-in-law and their families to join in. (and some 3rd, 4th and 5th cousins for good measure) That’s another 4-5 families lives transformed forever! And they in turn, became empowered, educated and so the community as a whole grew.