About Us

The Lifelines International Fund for Education

is a charitable fund where all donations are invested directly in projects that educate, train, enable and empower those from disadvantaged backgrounds or with disabilities. We are particularly committed to projects that work with children, women and refugee minors.
Lifelines was established in 2009 ,  as a hands-on charity where teenage volunteers worked directly with charities over several years building a strong and committed relationship with them. Volunteers raised funds to support their adopted charities, supporting and empowering their growth.  Many of these charities have grown into institutions , training and educating generations of local communities.  Our ChangeMaker  and Projects section are full of stories of courage, resilience, happiness and hope.  Lifelines is committed to transforming lives and its many volunteers over the years are part of this journey of transformation themselves.


We are sponsored by:

Nelumbo Stiftung • FII Ltd • MVBC Ltd